December 2007


December 16th:  Took part in the church's Christmas Cantata with 16 others.



December 23rd:  Took part in the Sunday School Christmas Program.



December 25th:  Christmas (with my favorite people) at my sisters, with my brother-in-law, niece, nephew, mother and step-father.  And the most important person, the guest of honor, Jesus Christ, in my heart.






Christmas is not about giving (as the mass media and the merchants would have you believe).


Christmas is about receiving.


Receiving Jesus Christ...

God done the Giving and God was the Gift...


Mankind needs to receive (and know) Jesus Christ in order to be "saved"; in every way.


This same God, that gave me all of these experiences, is waiting to bless you too.


Please, call out to Jesus and receive Him TODAY and you WILL HAVE a very...