January -to- June 2007


Although I had moved back to my hometown (from St. John's, Newfoundland) to follow God's will I was not acting very much like a Christian; nor was I professing to be a Christian either.  I did, however, feel that God was calling me back to Summerford and I knew it was no good to fight Him.


Incidentally, just four days before I was to move home I was offered the, scientific / computer, "opportunity of a lifetime" from a company in the United States.

I had been studying the universe, the brain, genetics, mankind, etc. (extensively) and the Holy Bible (somewhat) since 1997; in search of the TRUTH...  I wanted to know the TRUTH about God, the universe, Man and the creation thereof, etc.  and I was also looking for a "You are here" arrow in Bible prophecy: in the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, etc. and of course the book of Revelation, as well as the rest of the Bible.

    In 1996 when God told me to read the Bible, pray, fast and preach, I said no... 

however, I did say to him, "Lord, if you show me the TRUTH I will preach it." 

(Be careful of what you ask for... ;)

As far as the general public was concerned I was into computers (fixing them, programming, and web page design, etc.), my close friends knew I was really (predominately) into physics, chemistry, the universe, the brain, etc. but only God knew that I was also studying his Word (the Holy Bible) and that was the way it stayed until December 2007.

I am on Social Services for medical reasons; I have Sherman's decease:

a deteriorating back (muscles and spine) but I, now, thank God for my "bad back"

and for the way things worked out for it is giving me an opportunity

to do God's will WITHOUT asking for any money whatsoever.

Therefore, no one can say that I am doing this for the money !!

In January, I gave up studying the universe, genetics and the physical / psychological aspects of the brain and the like.  I  knew enough to know that it was all created by God and that all of the physical, temporal, matter and energy (the things seen) in the universe do not in any way contradict the Word of God (the Holy Bible) or the Spiritual things (the things not seen): in fact they compliment each other... perfectly.

The only reasons why "Science" and "Religion", seemingly, contradict each other are due to:

    An ignorance in one, or the other, or both fields...

    Today's (false) meanings of these two words cannot do anything but... contradict each other

From January to July 2007, when I were not fixing computers (I am allowed to make a little bit of money on the side), I was studying the Bible.  However, I also found that I was drifting deeper and deeper in sin, again; something that I did not want to do.

Part of the reason why I was "drinking" more and more was to give my brain a break from thinking about God and Bible prophecy.  Studying and thinking about these things are a good thing but I do not recommend doing it without God and His Holy Spirit.  I felt, as if, I was on the brink of figuring it all out but I just could not "snap" it all into place and it was, literally, hurting my head.

After a while these "distractions" were not working either; when partying with my friends I would see us all as "lost souls" (I loved my friends, and I still do, they are all good people and I do not want any of them to go to hell), I hated the lyrics of the music and every time anyone would vainly say "Jesus Christ" it would cut through me like a dull knife.