November 2007


In this month God gave back, to me, some of the things that He "took away" and /or I gave up for Him in July, August and September.


This includes (but not limited to) my computer system... which is, now, actually, a better system than before.


Thank you God, for the use of your computer...



Also in this month:  God directed a lady to me for help with something that she was doing for the Lord.


In 2004, she had gone through an ordeal in which she needed God's presence and peace... and God delivered, in many ways.  One way was through her daily devotionals.


=================================  Flashback  ===================================


Remember back, on September 21st, when, "I made a decision that no one else would understand or agree with but, I knew, it was of God."


Well, the Devil, however, did not like the fact that I was willing to do ANYTHING for Jesus and he tried everything, EVERY angle, to get me to reverse the “decision”… (The night of October 21st was one such occasion)

A couple of times I, really, wanted to reverse the decision (and I thought God was telling me to)… so I sought after God… but He said… "No" and He told me, exactly, why it had to be…

So, I said, “OK Lord, I’ll stick to Your Word… until you tell me otherwise… and, now, you’re going to have to send an angel (or something)… with word to me… if you, ever, want me to change it.”

==============================  End of  Flashback  =================================

One night, in November, He didn’t send an Angel but… He did send a guy that’s been dead for 20 years…  And I listened to him for an hour.  The Message was very specific and close to my situation but, not quite, close enough for my liking...

Very next night…  Another dead guy…  that’s been, also, dead for 20 years…

Mr. Pentecost himself…. David du Plessis

These were VERY OLD audio recordings of sermons by these, now dead sleeping, pastors (not the spirits of these people) that the Holy Spirit led me to, on the Internet… 

The message from David du Plessis was another hour-long sermon and it was… all relevant to me and this situation in particular.

So, I reckoned the value of two dead pastors to be close enough to one Angel… and I reversed the "decision".

Then... God reused a line in a devotional, that he gave to this, aforementioned, lady, and used this lady to, now, give it to me...  And it read:


“…and all that will be left is receiving His guidance.

Perhaps none else will understand or agree with your decision – 

But you will have heard from the One who matters Most."



Praise God...  I have heard from the ONE WHO MATTERS MOST.  And His name is Jesus.



November 25th:  Each time (since September) I attended church (at testimony time) I, really, want to give a testimony... most times I am too nervous and I end up putting it off until its to late.


This night was no different.  Just when the Junior Pastor (who was ministering to the congregation with music between testimonies) said that he was going to sing one more song, before he past the service over to the Senior Pastor, I was, almost, to me feet and was going to say, "Wait Pastor, I have a testimony" and I was going to give the testimony of August 20th.  I was, then, going to request the song that the testimony 'centered' around when I concluded...  "Fairest Lord Jesus" which contains the line, "My Jesus shines brighter".


But I never...  And he started to sing...  And the song that he sang (the one that he, later, told me that he "was led, by the Lord, to sing") was (you guest it)... "Fairest Lord Jesus".


Even though my flesh was weak, and I did not get up to testify of His greatness (as I had wanted)... He took pity on me and continued to bless me.


My Jesus is the fairest and He does shine brighter than anything...  He can be yours, as well.