October 2007


October 12th This was a beautiful day.  I was outside my apartment, quietly talking to God and leaning on the top rung of a fence (2 feet to the left of a 6" x 6" fence post). 


I suddenly noticed a little squirrel, on a fence post, three posts down form me (about 20 feet away).


I don't know why I said, "bid" I've never used that word before in my life but I said it then.


I said, "Bid him to come to me, Lord"


I never had the words out of my mouth when that little squirrel was hop, hop, hopping along the top fence rung toward me and came up to the post that was, just, 2 1/2 feet away, from my face, and just froze, little legs sprawled out, while looking up at me...


I said, "Lord!" and the squirrel spun around on the post and froze again, looking at me, in a similar position.


I continued to praise God while this little squirrel, not only came to me but spun around/"danced", stopped, looked up at me, danced, stopped and looked up at me five or six times before he hopped off back in the other direction.


Don't tell me there is no omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience, omni-loving God... There is... call out to Jesus Christ and find out for yourself.



October 16th:  Getting ready for, Tuesday night, prayer meeting.  It was raining so I prayed, "Lord, when I get out on the road have someone come by to pick me up.


I open the door to leave and a car pulled up to my door.


A friend was at the church, thought about me and came in to see if I needed a ride.



October 21st:  At church, that night, with every word the pastor spoke the Devil was there, in my head, saying, "See, see he's talking about you, he's talking about you.  All the decisions that you made (The ones I made, in July, August & September, for God, at His instruction) were wrong."  And he kept it up for the whole sermon.


Just before the pastor started preaching he said, "This message is not from God."  And I immediately said to myself, "Yelp, and if it's not from God then I know exactly where it's coming from... Satan!!!"  It was based on what my family (who rejected God's calling in my life) had passed on to the pastor in order to get me to comply to their wishes (which was also the 'wishes' of the pastor!!!)


Even though I knew the message was "not from God," the pastor done such a great job in his attempt to psychologically manipulate me into conforming, I went through hell...


This was, essentially, the conversation / thought patterns between the Devil and I, during the sermon.


The Devil said, "You might as well go and commit suicide.  It's going to, always, be like this."


For about 30 seconds I was agreeing...


"No, you Devil...  I know my Lord.  This is not from God, to me."


The Devil said, "Well its still going to be, always, like this."  (Meaning the Devil was going to be, there, in my head every time the pastor spoke) "You will, at least, have to leave the church and stay home"


"Yeah, I can stay home.  I experience God, at home, every day, I don't need the church."


The Devil was agreeing...


"Oh, but wait, I have experienced God at home but not like I did on the 23rd, of September, when everyone was up around the alter praising God, together. (The night God shook my hand...)  Maybe, I'll go to the Pentecostal church in the next community?"


The Devil was, even, okay with that...


"No, it is here God told me to be and here I'll stay.  I will stick it out, here."


And I did, but, by the end of the sermon I was ??????? I don't even know what, exactly, I just knew that I, really, really, needed to hear from God.


After the sermon the congregation stood and began to sing.  I stood with them and raised my hands to praise God.  Even before I was fully standing I felt it again; my hand trembled... I, then, felt the Holy Spirit drawing me to the alter.  I did not resist.


I said, "You know my heart, Lord, you know my heart."  This time God not only shook my hand but I felt Him (the Holy Spirit) throughout my, entire, body again.  Thank you, Jesus.  I know you will never let me down.


I left that service feeling closer to God than ever before.  All I could say, for the next three days was, "Oh my Lord, my Jesus, my God" over and over, "my Jesus, my Lord, my God, my Lord, my Jesus".  I was saying this, over and over, throughout the day (and night) up to the 24th.



October 24thMy Lord, my Jesus, my... message from God...  Thank you, Pastor E. Pope.


His message (from God) was, basically, about, "Knowing God" and if God wants you to do something your "qualifications" are... you know God, what other "qualifications" do you need?


And about trusting God to bring you through the "Lion's Den", the "Whale", the "Fiery Furnace", etc.


He talked about, among other things, how Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego did not end up in the "ash pan" of the furnace.


This message could not have been more for me if he had came down and pointed at me...


Oh wait, he DID.. come down and point at me (I thought he was going to "come on aboard me" ;-)


He came down, while preaching, and stood over me and said, as he pointed at me, "You're not going to end up in the ash pan."




At the end of the sermon he ask all of the Christians to come up around the alter and praise God.


I did and, praise God, He touched me again.


A while later, Pastor Pope came by me and while shaking his hand, I tried to say, "I would like to be anointed" but, what came out was, "I have the anointing." and he said, "Yes, yes; God is with you."


Praise God...  And I know that He will never leave me...


Nor will He leave any of you if you call out to Him, seek Him, and obey His Commandments.