The Red Dream


Back when I was DEEP in sin, and actively serving Satan, I hated God so much that, if I could have, I would have destroyed EVERYTHING that God had made; the universe, the world, myself and everyone on earth.


Some years before, the following dream, I watched a movie, on TV entitled, "Warlock".  This "warlock" was going around collecting pages from a book that, when collected and recited, would bring about the destruction of God's creation.


Oh, did I ever wish for a book like that...


One night, in late 1992 (I think) I had the following dream.  (It was quite a lengthy dream but I will just give you the main parts.)




I had gotten my hands on a book, like this, which contained seven pages.


Standing at a podium I read the first page...  the sky turned black with thunder clouds; thunder and lighting all around.


I read the second page...  things got worst.


I read the third, forth and fifth...  by this time the whole face of the earth was, pretty much, destroyed.


I read the sixth page and the sky and clouds turned blood red, which caused everything else to appear blood red.  There was fire and smoke everywhere and violent winds and lightning and thunder with the smell of sulfur, in the air.


I looked at the sky, and at the earth, and "took it all in".  I noticed that there was not one single person in sight.  I looked back down, at the book, and was about to read the seventh (and final) page when, out of the corner of my left eye, I saw some movement.


I looked toward it and saw that it was my sister trying to hide behind a large bolder.


She was crying and then I started to cry.  I left the book on the podium and ran towards her and grabbed her hand and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and started running with her to find shelter.




I then woke up... in more ways than one.


Although I did not become a Christian, at that time, my attitude towards destroying God's creation started to changed.