July -to- December 2007



The above is a digitized image of the original paper calendar that God told me to keep track of my experiences with Him on.  (If I had known it would end up on a website I would have been a little neater.)


The plain red circles in July & August represent days that I spent, entirely, studying the Bible and praying.

(Except for the night of the 27th of July; more about that on the 'July 2007'  page)

The dates with a line through (in July & August) were days half spent studying the Bible, etc. and half doing my own thing.

The 'fuzzy' red circles in July, August & September represent the days that I was 'infilled' with the Holy Spirit.

(In October, God told me not to keep track of it anymore.  But it still happens quite often, thank God.)

The black marks from July to December were the devil's temptations and obstacles.

The (blue) marks around August 6 & 7 was time spent camping with my family.

The other marks represent other stories; some of which are told on the other pages.