Jesus is MY King

Jesus King of kings

Praise the name of God forever and ever,
for He has all wisdom and power.

HE controls the course of world events;
HE removes kings and sets up other kings.

He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to those who know.” Daniel 2:20-21

When the heathen nations reject God’s Law
He’ll give the people what they ask for… lawlessness!!!

When God’s people put their faith in their own wisdom,
when they think that they are wiser than God
(and they elect non-Christians over them), and reject God’s Law,
God will give THEM what THEY ask for… lawlessness!!!

In the first century Church era the majority of the “Jews” (“God’s people”) rejected Jesus’ (the ONE TRUE God’s) Way and wanted a physical king to fight a physical war (with carnal weapons) and to deliver them from the tyranny of Rome…

Tyranny that WOULD NOT have existed, in the first place, IF “God’s people” had OBEYED God and TRULY HAD Him as their ONE TRUE God… and had NOT turned to the FALSE gods and IDOLS of the world… and become so WICKED!!!

The religious leaders, however, THEY liked the status quo… they shouted, “We have no king but Caesar.” John 19:15

The TRUE Christians, however, did not elect any Man over them, they did not burn incense to Caesar, nor to Nero… They shouted, “We have no King but Christ.” And it even cost them their lives!!!

TODAY, however, MOST wouldn’t even do THAT… even when they have the right, and the freedom, to not vote… even when it would cost them NOTHING!!!

Yes, though,… the TRUE Christians DID render unto Caesar that what was Caesar’s AND they DID obey the “rule of [Man’s] law”…

EXCEPT, though, when it infringed on their “religious rights” and / or when Man’s law required of them to sin against God’s Law!!!

And, just like Daniel, and the “three Hebrew children,” who fully submitted to the ruling authorities, AND submitted to (and served, even) the invading armies (once they were in power)… that God was bringing against His people (because of the sin of the majority of God’s people),…

… I, too, will submit to (and, even, serve) ANY ruling authority that’s over me (INCLUDING the pastor)… EXCEPT… if they require me to sin against God’s Laws and disobey my ONE TRUE King; Jesus Christ!!!

For I will NOT bow down to the world’s, the king’s, the pastor’s, nor to the church’s FALSE gods and IDOLS!!!

(And, although some people have some VERY STRANGE concept of what it means to “stand alone”… GOD and His Holy Spirit DON’T… and I thank God for THAT…. and He IS standing with me… in the fire!!!)

And, I WILL continue to preach against the sins that GOD (in His WORD) call sins!!!  And I will continue to EXPOSE the evils of the Mass Media Matrix;… that Weapon of Mass Distraction;… that Weapon of Mass DELUSION; that Babylonian magic wand, made of Holly-wood, that the “great merchants of the earth” are waving to DECEIVE the masses… AND… TO… DESTROY… the… CHURCH!!!  (In the VERY SAME manner that Balaam taught Balak how to destroy God’s people!!!)

So, if you want me to do otherwise you might as well kill me now (IF… God is finished with me, that is,… and I doubt that, very much)!!!

And, when God (MY King) TELLS me to speak the TRUTH… you’re going to hear it… whether you like it or not!!! For, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

However, it is TOTALLY up to YOU as to what YOU do WITH the TRUTH!!!

AND… I WILL NOT be judging you… no matter WHAT… you do with the TRUTH!!!

And, FYI: When the Bible (God) says that homosexuality, idolatry, murder, etc, is a sin… and when God says that those who continue to WILLFULLY commit these sins ARE going to Hell (or ARE going to be driven to their knees in REPENTANCE)… ME quoting God… IS NOT “JUDGING” you!!!  It’s ONLY WARNING you of the TRUTH… and it’s God’s grace, love and mercy that is WARNING you!!!

And it is GOD, and His Word, that’s going to JUDGE you!!!