Hurricane Particia - NASA

The first weekend of October 2015 brought Hurricane Joaquin to the Atlantic Ocean…

Joaquin” means “Established by God” AND “God will Judge“!!!  Coincidence???

You’d be a FOOL to think so… for, “I know the greatness of the LORD — that our Lord is greater than any other god.

The LORD does whatever pleases Him throughout all heaven and earth, and on the seas and in their depths.

He causes the clouds to rise over the whole earth. He sends the lightning with the rain and releases the wind from His storehouses.” Psalm 135:5-7

And, although Joaquin tracked well off (~ 1,000 km / 622 miles off) of the Eastern U.S., tropical moisture from Joaquin and another inland non-tropical system caused “historic flooding” in North and South Carolina!!!

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, on Sunday Oct. 4th, said, “We haven’t seen this level of rain in the Lowcountry in 1,000 years.” And, MORE came on Monday!!!

One headline read, “Historic South Carolina Flooding Kills 17,”… PLUS the 33 crew members of a U.S. cargo ship that was lost!!! And THEN there were MASSIVE amounts of infrastructure and property damage… AGAIN!!!

Then… Oct. 22-24, 2015… Hurricane Patricia… This was the strongest Pacific hurricane on record… (another once in a 1000 year storm) where, “Exceptional environmental conditions fueled explosive intensification…,” with landfall wind speeds of 325 km/h (200 mph)!!!

It dissipated quickly, once on land, but it caused massive amounts of damage, flooding, land and mud slides, and (with numbers so far) left 7 dead – with fears of more (than what’s already dead) due to more land/mud slides!!!

This is BESIDES the record fires, record drought, record heat waves, record rainfalls, record flooding, record snowfalls, record cold, etc. and earthquakes, etc. happening on a daily basis, elsewhere!!!

And this is BESIDES the increase in violence!!!  From the Middle East to the far West, from the U.S. to US – Specifically in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada where JUST ABOUT EVERY SINGLE DAY, now, there’s another headline of an armed robbery or stabbing or shooting!!!

And this is BESIDES the increase in arson!!!  Where it’s becoming routine, now, (in the U.S., Canada, and even in this Province) to see in the headlines, “Police investigating a suspicious fire” here, “Police investigating a suspicious fire” there…

(And for those who THINK that I had ANYTHING to do with the suspicious fires HERE – go ahead and think it… because I KNOW the TRUTH, my wife KNOWS the TRUTH, God KNOWS the TRUTH… and even the police KNOW the TRUTH!!! And IF they don’t… they SHOULD!!! And if they ever doubt the TRUTH they are FREE to administer a polygraph test to get reassured OF the TRUTH!!!)

And this is BESIDES the hard and prescription drug ABUSE… (and the parents and the grandparents, EVEN, who are supplying their children and grandchildren with their medications, to sell and abuse, and to DESTROY THEIR LIVES WITH!!! Who ARE going to answer to God one day!!!  The parents and grandparents, I mean, now, for there will be some “drug addicts” who will make it into the Kingdom of Heaven BEFORE some Pentecostal pastors will!!!)

And this is BESIDES the increase of crime, in general!!!

The crown prosecutor (the time when Baine Andrews, pastor of the Summerford Pentecostal Church, broke the law, and LIED to the police, and had me ARRESTED, and taken to court on FALSE charges) told Krystal and I, herself, that she, “was surprised to see how much crime WAS increasing.

So what’s different about today???

Thirty, forty, fifty years ago the Church was not WILFULLY sinning against God, that’s what!!!

The Church wanted (and wanted to linger in) the Presence of the Lord, that’s what!!! And the Holy Spirit of God was Moving… that’s what!!!

The Commandments of God were being preached… that’s what!!!

The fear of God was in God’s people… that’s what!!!

But, today… they ARE WILFULLY sinning against God… that’s what!!!

Today… the Church doesn’t want the Presence of the Lord because the Presence of the Lord CONVICTS them of their WILFULLY committed sins…. that’s what!!! And they’re content with offering Him (as HE calls it), “lip-service”… that’s what!!!

And just like the “scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites” of Jesus’ day the PROUD and IGNORANT religious leaders “shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces.  You won’t go in your selves, and you don’t let others enter either.“… that’s what!!!

And pastors are preaching that, “Man don’t have to obey God’s Commandments, anymore…“… that’s what!!!

And, through lack of knowledge, pastors (just like how Balaam taught Balak how to curse God’s people with IDOLS) are preaching that God’s people can have the ONE TRUE God… AND… they can have the world’s FALSE gods and IDOLS, TOO (and the people are becoming more and more like the world they are watching and getting programmed by)… that’s what!!!

And, just like how the majority of the “established religious leaders” in John’s and Jesus’ day (who they publicly denounced) where coming up with ways to circumvent God’s Commandments the “established religious leaders” of today (that I publicly denounce) are DOING THE VERY SAME THING… that’s what!!!

And, THEN, even the pastors who KNOW the TRUTH don’t have the spiritual spine to preach the TRUTH and address the sins that God sent them here TO address… THAT’S WHAT!!!

What sorrow awaits you scribes, Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you praise up the prophets your ancestors killed,… Then you say, ‘If we had lived in the days of our ancestors, WE would never have joined them in killing the prophets.  [‘No!!! WE would have LISTENED to, and took, God’s WARNING to heart and REPENTED and OBEYED the Lord!’]

But in saying that, you testify against yourselves that you are indeed the descendants of those who murdered the prophets.

Go ahead and finish what your ancestors started. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers. How will you escape the judgment of hell?

Therefore, I [Jesus Christ] am sending you prophets and wise men and teachers of religious law.

But you will kill some by crucifixion, and you will flog others with whips in your synagogues, chasing them from city to city.

As a result, you will be held responsible for the murder of all godly people of all time — from the murder of righteous Abel to the murder of Zechariah son of Barachiah, whom you killed in the Temple between the sanctuary and the altar.

I tell you the TRUTH, this judgment will fall on this very generation…

And the fear of God will be put back INTO God’s people.”  Thus saith the Lord!!!