This website and blog WILL OFFEND the world!!!

It WILL OFFEND the FALSE gods and IDOLS of the world…

It WILL OFFEND those who promote them (((especially, ESPECIALLY, if they do it behind the ONE TRUE God’s pulpit!!!)))…

It WILL OFFEND those who want to share the ONE TRUE God’s glory WITH the world’s FALSE gods and IDOLS!!!

This blog WILL also OFFEND those who THINK that Jesus Christ died, and shed His precious blood, JUST to ‘cover up’ our sins,… JUST to FREE us to WILLFULLY sin against Him,… JUST to FREE us FROM OBEYING HIS Word!!!

This blog WILL ALSO OFFEND anyone who disagrees with the FACT that Jesus Christ IS the ONE and ONLY Begotten Son of the Living God… Who left His Glory in Heaven and came to earth, in the flesh, to Save mankind!!!

It WILL OFFEND anyone, and EVERYONE, who THINKS that there is more than ONE Way to Ultimate Everlasting Enlightenment… i.e., to Heaven; to the Father!!!

Jesus Christ said, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. NO ONE can come to the Father EXCEPT through Me.” John 14:6

God’s Word says that, “Salvation is found through NO OTHER, for there is NO OTHER name under Heaven given to mankind by which we MUST be Saved.” Acts 4:12

And, that name is…