Part Eight: The Balloon

Nearly two years after I got Saved and gave my all to Jesus, in early November 2012, my husband, Richard, and I were having a chat one night about when we each got Saved. I said something to the effect of, “I’m not sure exactly what day it was, I really wish I knew.” I remembered clearly, and still do, what happened on that day, I just had no idea what day on the calendar that it was! At that time, my days all seemed to run together.

Not many days after that conversation (perhaps one or two), it was November the fifth. I walked to my mother’s house in the morning, as was my habit of doing once a week or so, to visit her and be of some help for the day. It was one beauty of a fall day. I came home in the afternoon, as usual, but something very unusual awaited me as I drew closer to home.

When I was just about home, I saw, right in my path, a pink balloon, on the ground. The colour of it contrasted with everything around it in such a way that it grabbed my attention. Curiously, I stooped and picked it up. It wasn’t just a plain pink balloon – it had a message printed on it.


Happy 2nd Birthday!

A pink balloon…that said Happy 2nd Birthday. My heart started pounding as I instantly remembered the recent conversation with my husband in which I said I wished I knew the day. This, to me, was like God telling me ‘Happy Birthday’ Himself – and I still believe it was. I kept the balloon and rushed inside to tell Richard what had happened. I know that balloon could’ve blown there from anywhere, but I fully believe it was God’s sovereignty that it ended up precisely where it did, when it did, and stayed put until I picked it up.

Afterwards, thinking about the whole incident, even now, I am sure it was the Lord. And I am sure November 5th is the right day, the particular date that I wished I remembered! I knew it was several days after a particular note that Richard posted on Facebook that my ‘Re-Birthday’ happened. Looking for that particular note yielded the date October 31st, 2010. So it fit the timeframe perfectly.

A lot of people may ‘remember, remember the fifth of November’ because of Guy Fawkes or because it’s ‘bonfire night’, but I have a much different, much better, much more important reason to remember it – it was the day Jesus Saved me…and two years later, the way He, in a very special way, said ‘happy birthday’ to me.