Part Seven: The Wedding

On April 27th, 2011, David Wilkerson died in a car crash. I can clearly remember my mother waking me up in morning and the sound of shock in her voice as she told me to come look at the news story she’d been reading online.

I was saddened but also glad that Pastor Wilkerson was now beginning eternity in the presence of Jesus. I had started to feel like he was a little bit of a spiritual mentor to me…it was mostly his sermons that I had been listening to for the past six months or so since I got saved. The Lord had used those sermons greatly to teach me in those first months of my walk with Him.

The next day, I was awoken in a similar fashion…my mother was nearly hysterical and said, “Krys, you gotta come see this!” and I wondered if someone else had died? Had something happened to Richard? I hoped and prayed nothing bad had happened to him…

I made my way to the kitchen, still groggy, and sat down at my computer to see what the big reaction was prompted by…and then I had a big reaction myself!

Proposal Note

Here’s the full text of Richard’s proposal note:

I was communicating with this girl on facebook about the things of God and she was being a great encouragement to me and accepted me as a Servant of God.

I NEVER ever (at any time) considered her in the way of becoming a ‘girlfriend,’… and I was NOT even looking for EITHER girlfriend, at all!!! And the one that I told God that could even tempt me…. came and went… and the devil LOST!!!

On, Sunday, the 27th of February, 2011, after I had put together a group of songs to post on facebook, while listening to the final mix… the song, ‘Jesus Loves Me’ started to play… and the Holy Spirit ‘moved,’ greatly, within me and made it VERY CLEAR, then, again, that… YES, Jesus loves me!!!

Then after a very short while (with the Holy Spirit still upon me)…. God said, “Tell her that!!!”

When the Lord just says a few Words like that… He, somehow, fills in all of the ‘background information’ and I KNEW the ‘who’ and the ‘what’…. And, it was… Tell her (Krystal Jenkins) that Jesus loves her… the SAME way that He loves me…. that is, as His ‘Saved’ Child!!!

It kind of ‘set me back’, at first, and it took me a while to process it… and then after the ‘wave’ of the Holy Spirit left me… I had the thought, “Well, that would eliminate the whole, ‘Be not unequally yoked together’ issue!!!” (Considering the fact that God Himself just, essentially, called her a Christian)… And about two seconds later I burst into laughter (at myself) and said,

“Oh, my Lord, forgive me for even thinking of her, in THAT way!!! I’ll continue to help her spiritually… as You use her to encourage me… and, I’ll tell her what You said… but I’m not even going THERE!!! And, You KNOW what happened the ‘last time’… and I have You, Lord… and You are ALL that I need… so if You want me to have ANY girl… and if THIS is the girl you want me to have then YOU (and HER) will have to ‘make the move’ and do SOMETHING because I’M NOT EVEN GOING THERE!!!”

I wasn’t asking for God (or the girl) to do “SOMETHING” in particular… it was just that I WAS NOT going to make a move, (or even THINK of her in THAT way, AT ALL) unless God (and her) done… SOMETHING!!!

Later that night I watched a sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah on TV entitled, “Love, Marriage, & Sex” in which I mostly ignored, at the time…

Anyway, the next day I posted the group of songs on facebook and messaged this girl and told her that she could sing these songs as much as I could… KNOWING that Jesus loved her.

A short time later she sent me a lengthy message in which she also included two of her daily devotionals… plus some of her feelings towards God, etc.!!! By the time I got down through her message, the first time, there were tears in my eyes… and I was like, “What??? There is actually someone (a young girl), like this, with THIS kind of heart, and attitude, towards God???”

I, immediately, started to read her message again and by this time the Holy Spirit was flooding my soul… I would read a paragraph (starting with the very first one) and the Holy Spirit would INTENSELY ‘pour it on.’ After several minutes (of being overcome with the Holy Spirit) I would start to read another paragraph and only just get through it when the Holy Spirit would pour it on again… It would continue like this the whole way through her message…

While reading this message… with the Holy Spirit upon me… I felt things that day, like NEVER before… I have THOUGHT that I have been ‘in love’ before… but it was not even close… and THAT day (Monday, February 28, 2011) my mind, body, heart, AND my soul fell in love with THIS girl!!!

But, in her message, she had not mentioned ANYTHING about what I had told her… about the songs… so I then told her exactly what God had said to me (and how He had said it) concerning her (like I have mentioned above). But I still did not let on, at all, about what had just happened; how I was, NOW, feeling… because… I WAS NOT EVEN GOING THERE!!! Till God (AND her) done ‘SOMETHING’!!!

THEN, she replied….. “Yes, Richard… that was REALLY nice and all… but there’s MORE… I haven’t told you everything!!! I heard His voice last night!!! Last night, while I was reading my Bible and praying, God told me to go to you and do SOMETHING.”

So… to recap… The VERY SAME DAY… that I told the Lord (the One that Saved me, gave me my Testimony of Him, and told me to play it in the church) that He, AND her, would have to do SOMETHING… IF she was ‘the ONE’… God spoke to her, DIRECTLY… and told her to do SOMETHING!!!

And then the lukewarm, the gossipers, idolaters, and the ear ticklers expect me to turn my back on THAT God… and to do things THEY’RE way!!! NOT A CHANCE!!!

Anyway, we planed a specific day for her to come in and do “SOMETHING”… she didn’t tell me what THAT was… and since I didn’t ask God to do anything in particular it really didn’t matter to me what THAT was, exactly…. By then, I KNEW… where THIS WAS going!!!

But, the day before that day arrived, for reasons beyond our control, our meeting got postponed for 5 days!!!

Before THAT day came (March 10th) I was wondering, “What in the world is she going to do to me?” And then, God told me what it was going to be… and told me why she was going to do it… and I said,

“Well… IF it is THAT, Lord… then I’ll take THAT as DOUBLE ASSURANCE!!! So, Lord, if you DON’T want me to marry this girl then… DON’T LET IT BE THAT!!!”

I didn’t tell her what I was expecting IT to be… but… I did, however, get (and put aside) a small tub, facecloth, and a towel for her to use when she came in.

THAT day arrived… she came in… told me what she needed… and I went and got it for her… (while shaking my head at God and His AMAZING sovereignty)… and she washed my feet and anointed them with her perfume as a symbol of her love for me… and I, definitely, counted THAT as “SOMETHING.”

And since then, and, really, since the 28th of February 2011, God has shown us His hand in ‘our’ lives and CONFIRMED our relationship a MULTIPLIED of times… in a MULTIPLIED of ways… individually AND to the both of us, together!!!

So… without further ado (and to make it ‘official’ :))

Krystal Jenkins, will you marry me???


YES! YES! YES! A thousand times yes!

On July 16th, 2011, we got married. Richard gave some of his testimony at the beginning of the ceremony. You can watch our wedding video below.

Becoming a wife was a big change for me! But I loved it, and I still love, being a wife. I had a lot to learn – leaning how to cook was just one thing among many!

Our marriage has been blessed. The Lord has been with us – that simple statement can’t convey even one percent of all the times He’s shown up in our home, all the times He’s spoken to one or both of us, all the times He has guided us and reassured us. It’s a wonderful, beautiful adventure serving the Lord together. I’m so glad He had all this in His plan.

Richard and Me - Fogo Ferry