Part Six: A Special Birthday

Richard and I kept in communication online and met up as often as possible. My birthday came only 8 days after our first meeting. I really wanted to spend some time with him on that day, but I couldn’t get a ride to his place. So, he got on his bike, even though it was winter and cold, and came to me. He had a special little package with him, too.

224134_10150606095405341_2660672_nHe had told me he was working on something for my birthday but I had no clue what it was. I was very curious and tried hard to guess what it was, but I had no idea what he’d made. When I opened it I saw what I’m sure is the best birthday gift I’ve ever been given. He had made for me a beautiful wooden heart and a matching tray/stand. The heart has a keyhole in it on the front side, along with the words, “You have stolen my heart… and taken the key!!!” and two LED lights…one red and one blue, that flash when the golden key he made to go with it is inserted and turned.

The back side of the heart says ’In God We Trust’. It meant a lot then, but it came to mean even more on August 6th, 2015…but that’s another testimony for later on.


This was my first birthday after giving my life, heart, soul – everything – to Jesus. And having Richard there with me on my birthday, and leaving this special gift with me, made it the best birthday I’d had up to that point. I went to bed thanking the Lord for it, and for His goodness to us.


I also can’t leave one big part out of my Testimony, and that is how the Lord finally got through to me that I needed to get rid of my secular entertainment. Once again…He used Richard. I had sent him an mp3 of a song…a secular one. At the same time I sent him that file, he was reading a scripture about how Solomon’s wives drew him away from the Lord with their idolatry. He told me about it right away and made it clear that he would not have any part of any secular entertainment. It was in that moment that it finally hit home that I needed to get rid of the stuff. Why would I, how could I, miss out on the massive blessings of God for the sake of the songs of fools?

I deleted over 3,000 songs from my computer, and soon threw out many, many movies books and CDs, as well as many trading cards. Once the devil realized I was not going to keep the stuff around, he switched tactics from trying to persuade me to keep the stuff, and tried to convince me to sell it instead. I thought about it briefly and said no – that would just amount to selling idols and I wanted no part of that! I didn’t want to be responsible for enabling someone else to sin – especially not for monetary gain! Those materials belonged in the garbage and that was where they went.

When I did part with those things, there was a small part of me that still wanted to cling on to it – that’s the flesh. I pushed my flesh aside to obey God, and the next day He told me through a devotional that I did the right thing. It wasn’t a daily devotional, it was one in a devotional Bible. A bible I usually didn’t use. That day though, I just flipped it open, and the first thing my eyes landed on was:


Since that day there have so many reassurances, so many ways that the Lord has shown Himself to me…things I never would have seen while blinded by the world. Thank You, Jesus – You are so wonderful.