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This is rather a long post, I’m aware. It deals with something troubling, and my soul won’t rest unless I write this all out. I don’t write this to spark debate. I know in whom I have believed, and I know what I believe. I did write this, so that if you read this, and happen to come across one of the misguided individuals who believes this falsehood, you’ll have been forwarned.

Recently my spirit was grieved deeply to see a certain gentleman on YouTube, proclaiming a bold-faced heresy. This man’s entire focus is dedicated on spreading the false doctrine that the Bible, the Holy Scriptures given to us by God Himself through the authors, is itself, the Mark of the Beast. Further, he declares that God is the one who showed him this, and is convinced that this heresy is accurate.

Sir, if you’re reading this, I hope and I desperately pray that you’ll see your error and repent of this insult to God’s Holy Word.

It’s bad enough to spread such falsehood, which will confuse many, and be gladly accepted by those poor souls looking for any excuse to not read the scriptures. But to say that God gave you this ‘illumination’ – that’s an abomination. This kind of message is purely demonic.

Can you honestly tell me, that Almighty God will allow this slander of His Word to go unpunished? That the God of this Universe, would allow His precious scriptures to become corrupted, as is the suggestion? It is God’s Word – He has always protected His word. If it were able to be corrupted or snuffed out, it would have by now, but it has not.

Why? Because God’s Word is a sacred thing. God has kept it, preserving it so that believers everywhere may have access to His true word, untainted. I cannot believe that my Sovereign God would allow His word to be corrupted, and then while still corrupt, be spread to billions of souls searching for Him.

I cannot accept the statement that, since the Bible contains 66 books, it must be the Mark of the Beast. This teaching is Satanic!

To quote from his channel:

“The bible is the greatest deception that has ever been. It is the spirit of blasphemy that has always been since the beginning robed in covers with pages in between. When you except it as the word of God then you have openly said that you love the spirit of Satan which he has had since the beginning. All flesh is controlled by the mark of the beast. The only way out is to tear up your bible in Jesus name (with the spirit of Jesus), Hollow words wont do it. You have to tear it up and love the Holy ghost. Then you will be free and not have taken the mark of the beast.”

Sir, this above paragraph is the blasphemy. Mixing a little truth with a little heresy doesn’t make this heresy less evil. It makes it more disturbing to see. God’s Holy Word is given to us by God! To call it blasphemy is to blaspheme God Himself! Your suggestion that it’s the mark of the beast implies that God must be the Beast. Your suggestion to ‘tear up your Bible in Jesus name’ is a complete and utter insult. Words cannot convey how utterly wrong this is. This is straight from Hell.

You seem to think that people who appreciate the Bible think it will save them. Of course the scriptures themselves don’t save, only Jesus saves, but the scriptures are here for a purpose, and that is to educate us, God speaks to us through them.

To truly love Jesus is to want to know all about Him, and the best source for that is the Bible itself. To look for reasons why the Bible can’t be the infallible word of God is purely demonic and can only come from a heart that isn’t truly right with the Lord. A heart that -is- truly right with the Lord will hunger not only for God’s presence, not only for time in prayer, but for time in study of His Word!

To quote his channel again:

“Jesus is the word of God, he was and is and always will be. He is coming back with the name the word of God. He came to fulfill the letter and send the spirit. The letter kills and the spirit gives life. Satan took the letter and made it an image and caused the exact thing that Jesus came to do away with to be worshiped above God. The bible you hold as the word of God is blasphemy. You have denied all that the father sent the son to do.”

Yes, Jesus is the Word. We know that. ‘The Word became flesh’ is a very familiar statement. He IS coming back with the name the Word of God. But these facts don’t diminish the Bible. They don’t disprove the Bible. The rest of the above paragraph makes my insides churn.

Do you know what really makes any part of scripture a dead letter? Dead preachers trying to give a message from it without prayer. An atheist with a hardened heart looking at it without an open mind. A false prophet using verses out of context to back up heretical theories that are not of God. These things make it a dead letter. But a person filled with the Holy Spirit and burdened with a message truly from God, who draws upon scripture, this gives life, because this can lead hearts hungering for Christ to Him.

How, by holding a Bible, is someone automatically worshipping it above God? If they are, they’re misguided, certainly. Once again, how can scriptures be blasphemy when the contents were God-given to the writers? How is the bible an ‘image’? Especially when it’s of God himself, not some pagan idol? If you ask me, the one who denies the Bible, especially the New Testament, is the one denying Jesus, by wilfully ignoring the record of His teachings.

To quote yet again:

“without the bible all you would have is called, drawn, and filled Holy ghost people of God. They would love him, hear him and be led by him. Instead you have a book so everyone for the cost of only five dollars can act like they know Jesus.”

Is this suggesting that no one who reads the Bible is called? What a baseless and ill-educated statement. There are many people who love Jesus, hear Him, are led by Him – who read scriptures and give them the respect they deserve. People filled with the Holy Spirit, who led God lead their lives. Without any scripture, what you rely on is word of mouth alone to spread the Gospel, and all it would take is one person who misunderstood something, to warp the Gospel and mislead countless people.

Without any scripture, passing the Gospel through the generations would be like a thousands of years long game of ‘telephone’ in which fact after fact is twisted, misrepresented, and soiled. How do we keep this from happening? Simple! A written record of the scriptures, that must be reverenced and carefully translated, fact checked, and treated with care as it is handed down through generations.

I won’t even address the rest of what he says except this one thing: he states essentially, that “Satan wont let Holy ghost filled people live in this world.” Well, sorry but that’s incorrect. Of course, many Holy Spirit filled men and women have been in situations where they ended up becoming martyrs for Christ. But not all. The Holy Spirit came down at Pentecost, and it hasn’t left. God preserves many Holy Spirit filled people, He wouldn’t allow them to just all die, until none remained. Then who would reach the lost?

To conclude, I’m deeply saddened by this gentleman. I’ll be praying for him, that he’d see his error. We should be leading souls to Christ if we truly love him. Not pushing false gospels on them. Not causing divides in the body of Christ. Not claiming God gave us a message when the message is so contrary to -everything- that has been preached by Holy Spirit led people to this point.

I am by no means calling Constantine, the Popes, or King James saved, or Holy Spirit filled. Only God knows their secret selves and where they abide now, whether it be in Heaven or Hell. But I know God used them, whether they intended to be used or not.

In my humble opinion, if you’re calling yourself Christian, love Jesus, and are literate, you’ll read the Bible out of your love for God.

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