The Master’s Radio

The Master’s Radio is something my husband has been working on for some time, and has been planning even longer. At the website, you can find links to not only listen to the 24/7 stream of 100% Christian content (barring a power outage), and find links to other useful pages, including, his YouTube channel, my YouTube channel, his personal testimony website, and this blog. You can also find his Facebook through there, as well.

The entire goal of the website is the glory of our God, Jesus Christ, through music and other media. He alone is worthy of our praise!

The stream is commercial free, so you won’t be interrupted while worshiping. The stream contains many genres and styles, -all- for God’s glory.

You can listen to the stream absolutely free of charge, but you will need a program that can play streamed media, such as iTunes or Winamp. There are also links to download programs that can play the stream on the website.

The URL is , I hope you’ll take some time to check it out, and be blessed by it.

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