I AM Yours

For what great nation has a god as near to them
as the LORD our God is near to us
whenever we call on him?
Deuteronomy 4:7

Last year, I had the great opportunity to be asked by a brother in Christ to make a video for one of his songs. That brother’s name is Lee Gladney, and the song is ‘I Am Yours.’ I wanted to share a little about the making of the video, and I also asked Lee to share how the song came to be, how the Lord inspired it.

Lee’s response was that,

I am so happy to share about “I AM Yours”, here is how it happened:

The song, “I AM Yours” is a conversation I had with the Lord. My friend, Tina sings my portion of the conversation, while my voice represents what I heard the Lord say in response. It began one Saturday as I was alone and quiet before the Lord, worshiping Him at my piano. I was thinking of the scripture, Isaiah 30:15, “in quietness and trust is your strength…”, and simply purposing to remain before the Lord, quiet and “unrushed”, desiring to hear from Him. Well, it took months before I actually heard His response to my thoughts of this particular moment! (I was not in this for a song, nor was I going to make something up out of the myriad of Christianese phrases that I am so familiar with – if I never hear a direct response, then fine.)

When He spoke, it was beautiful – He enjoys and treasures these times with us, as His heart delights in our being still before Him, in love. In fact, these quiet, dedicated moments are our taste now of eternity, for we will enjoy His sweet fellowship forever!

I wrote down exactly what I heard Him say…”…can you hear Me singing over you?”, etc. I can now only hear in the Spirit, by faith – but there will be a day coming, when we will actually hear our Lord singing His love song to us – with His magnificent voice! Oh, my goodness!

And then, He continued, telling me I was His highest treasure, above all creation. And, He is proud, happy, and rejoicing over me! (Even me???!!!!)

The chorus, “I AM yours, and you are Mine…” was His punch line! I immediately thought of the cross, when the I AM laid it all out there for me, so I could become His. This is all one big love story. He is just pouring out His love. And when I respond in love, that is what real and abundant life is all about! Love wins!

When Lee first messaged me about this project, my husband and I were in the midst of a big spiritual battle, and though Satan was trying his best to wear us down, the Lord was blessing us, and in so many ways reassuring us…and He used this song, as one of the many ways that He reassured us. The first time I heard the song, I knew I really wanted to make the video for it. I listened to it several times that night, and again and again in the days after, as I thought about making the video.

The song was a beautiful reminder that the Lord is with us, we are His and He is ours…what a blessed thought! I love how this song is like a quiet prayer to our Heavenly Father, in which we also hear His response. He loves us, He loves when we seek Him with all of our hearts and listen for His response. He loves it when we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, loving Him the way He wants us to love Him – wholeheartedly, and with obedience to His voice and His Word. And as we draw closer to Him through our obedience and worship, He reminds us in so many beautiful ways of who He is. He blesses us with His presence, He reassures us, strengthens us, and gives us everything we need to do whatever He’s called us to do.

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