Spiritual Snow Pack


God has so many beautiful lessons in nature that are illustrations or allegories of Him and how He works. It’s easy to look at new fallen snow, so fresh and bright, so beautiful, and think of how when we repent and give our hearts to Him, how he makes us ’white as snow’, but the illustration of snow can go much deeper.

While snow is beautiful, and very important to the environments of the areas where it falls, it’s benefits are often overlooked. Often people view it as an inconvenience. We forget that in the springtime, that snow melts and much of the water absorbs into the ground, readying it to flourish with new vegetation and bloom so many beautiful flowers. A healthy amount of snow pack is a good thing, often taken for granted.

However, in some places, such as currently in California and surrounding areas of the United States, experts and lay people alike are concerned about the fact that there is so little snow pack! The lack of snow there is a worrying problem for them, because it’s going to exacerbate the ongoing drought – a drought that is already very serious in nature. Many areas in the region have suffered from poor crops, water shortages, loss of vegetation such as trees, and the ground is so dry in some places that it’s just eroding away.

There’s a spiritual parallel here. Just like snow pack helps the ground in our physical world, we need a ‘spiritual snow pack’ to help our spiritual ground. Jesus likened the hearts of men to four types of ground in a well known parable (Matthew 13). We know about the footpath, stony shallow ground, the thorny ground, and the good soil. But even the hearts of good soil need to be cared for and cultivated.

Good soil needs to be watered, otherwise it’ll dry up and be of little good. We need a ’spiritual snow pack’ of time spent in the presence of the Lord, in worship, time in prayer, and study of His Word and obedience to it, to insulate the ground of our hearts with truth so we can recognize and fight against the lies of the enemy and his attacks. We need to keep seeking the Lord and to have Him continually making us more and more like Him.

This spiritual snow pack of abiding in Christ; of obedience, worship, prayer, and time in the Lord’s presence helps prepare our hearts for the Lord’s service – to bring forth good fruit. And when the ’heat is on’ what we’ve stored up in our hearts will only melt to reveal that we have a river of Living Water supplied by Jesus Himself, He will refresh the ground of our soul and help us to produce a bountiful crop of righteousness for His glory.

However, if we find this spiritual ’snow’ to be an inconvenience, or ‘too much work’ and avoid it, our soul will be in a drought situation. Then when the ’heat is on’ all that will be revealed is a lack of that desperately needed Water – that the soul is parched, dry, and even eroding. It’ll be incapable of bringing forth a crop. For Jesus said, “Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:5b)

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