Faithful God

God is Faithful

One thing is certain, Lord, You never change,
Your will is perfect, and all things, You’ve arranged.

Your faithfulness is unending,
Therefore I will be faithful to You.
You are worthy of all my trust,
So all my trust, I place in You.
Every promise You make You surely keep,
So I hold on to Your promises and cleave unto You.
You are the One True God, there is none other,
And all of my worship is only for You.
You created all things and are the giver of life,
My whole life, I owe to You.
You gave Your blood as the ransom to save my life,
So my life I give back as an offering to You.
You freed me from sin with Your loving sacrifice,
And now it’s my honour to obey You.

No matter what happens, Lord You stay the same,
And so all my days, I shall call upon Your name.

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