Nothing But You, Jesus

Knowing Jesus

Often we have looked to the wrong things,
Seeking the satisfaction we think they will bring,
But Jesus, I’ve learned my heart only sings,
With joy, when it’s focus is You.

Such folly is pride, lust of flesh and of eyes,
O Lord cause us these carnal things to despise,
It’s true we can only truly be wise,
When our hearts pleasure is in nothing but You.

We live in a fallen world full of evil deeds,
Only to death and destruction that leads,
But You are the Solution, the Restorer that pleads,
That we only return, trust and obey You.

Jesus, I love You, and I will fight this fight,
Help me to see things in Eternity’s light,
The battle’s not won by power or by might,
But by Your Spirit, oh how I thank You.

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