He’s Coming Back Just Like HE Said

He's Coming Back Like He Said

I believe He’s coming back like HE said,
Yes, the LAST (7th) trumpet’s going to sound so loud
one day it’ll wake the dead,
in the twinkling of an eye,
He’ll split the eastern sky,
I believe He’s coming back like HE said…

Old Scofeild and old Darby,
They did deceive so many,
With a new interpretation of the Word,
But pray and do your research,
The real TRUTH can be found, church,
Better to learn it now than after the time you thought you’d be caught away…

Christians all through history,
Have endured tribulations and had glorious victory,
Through their suffering for the sake of the Lord,
They didn’t expect to have it easy,
But praised God they were counted worthy,
To endure all tribulations for the glory of their Lord…

Now the real and true comfort,
Is that at the end we’ll be with Jesus forever,
So prepare your soul to endure unto the end,
The truth, though many conceal it,
The future will reveal it,
It’s at the 7th trump, just read your Bible and you’ll see…

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