I'm Becoming More Like Christ


When I was a kid, there was a show on the music channel called ‘Becoming.’ Each episode featured a person (or group of people) who had entered a contest and were chosen to ‘become’ their musical idol (or idols) for a day or two. So often the people that were chosen screamed, cried, and were otherwise ridiculously excited about getting to be their idol.

As each episode unfolded, these people would be treated like an idol themselves. They’d be staying in expensive hotels, given gifts, and otherwise ‘living it up’. They would get makeovers to make themselves look as much like their idols as possible. Hair, makeup, clothing, even coached as to how they should walk and more to mimic their idol – even to the point of reproducing a music video.

There’s a reason I’m bringing this show up for this devotional. ‘Becoming’ was an idolatrous show, regardless of how many people fail to recognize that fact. The people who participated got so enormously worked up over even receiving a personal phone call from their idols that you could tell they worshipped these celebrities. They loved them and wanted to be just like them – even to the point of having entered a contest with the hopes of winning the chance to.

If people can get so fanatical about something as foolish, fleeting, worldly and vain as this, why aren’t more Christians more excited about becoming more like Christ? It’s so easy for a worldly person to want to emulate the world’s false gods and idols – to dress, act, talk, live like they do. Why aren’t more Christians desperately desiring to dress, act, talk, and live the way their Saviour would want them to? Especially given all that He is?
When He is far superior to anyone or anything else on earth or in heaven? When it was Him who created us, and He alone who is worthy of our devotion. When He is the ultimate King and Judge, and He is the only Way, Truth, and Life. When we know that He alone is good, and is so holy – why aren’t His people more excited about becoming more like Him?

One explanation is that the idols of this world appeal to the flesh – to the carnal mind – while the call from Jesus is to crucify your flesh. Chasing after the vanity of this world and it’s idols, however, is foolish and spiritually deadly. It is not, and never will be ‘worth it’ to waste your life on the world and the lusts thereof.

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.
1 John 5:21

How much better it is to forsake the idols of the world, and instead spend one’s life seeking God. Not only desiring to be more and more like Him – but actually allowing Him to continually shape us so we really do become more like Him.

That’s who I’m becoming. More and more like my precious Saviour.

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