Jesus, You Are


Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Wonderful Counsellor,
Prince of Peace,
Saviour to me.

All the words in all the world,
Cannot convey Your Majesty.
All the sweetness of creation
pales when compared to Thee.

Awesome God,
Heavenly Father,
Good Shepherd,
King of Peace,
So wonderful to me.

Indescribable are You Lord,
In Your hand is eternity.
Giver of Life, King over all,
In Your Presence is where I long to be.

The One True God,
Father of Lights,
Faithful and True,
Our source of Peace,
So gracious and loving to me,

You are who You say You are,
All Your promises You keep.
This is my soul’s delight:
To worship at Your feet.

My God,
My Father,
Lover of my soul,
My Joy,
My Peace,
Everything to me.

Jesus, You are.

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