A Melody Within

Psalm 118 21

  I become so very weary at times, But sweet rest, Jesus, in You I find, You comfort this aching heart of mine, You sing me Your song of love divine. You’ve placed a melody within my soul, A song of praise, for how You Saved and made me whole, …

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A Creature Brand New

All Things New

When I was in danger and afraid, and it seemed that all hope was lost, You alone sought out and found me, You alone were able to pay the cost. I didn’t deserve Your great mercy, You didn’t owe me a single thing, But still You loved and forgave me, …

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Nothing But You, Jesus

Often we have looked to the wrong things, Seeking the satisfaction we think they will bring, But Jesus, I’ve learned my heart only sings, With joy, when it’s focus is You. Such folly is pride, lust of flesh and of eyes, O Lord cause us these carnal things to despise, …

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Only Unto Jesus

My praise is only for the King, Who is worthy to be praised, Only unto Jesus, Shall my hands be raised. No matter what the world may think, How they may mock me, view me as strange, My life I give to Him in it’s entirety, Because it’s only by …

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His Lordship and Majesty

Jesus is the sweetest name, That ever an ear has heard, Nothing could ever be the same, As this, most beautiful word. The King of all Creation, Sovereign over all, His glory displayed in the nations, As His righteous judgements fall. Jesus shall be exalted alone, For He is the …

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Clay in Your Hands

I am as clay in Your hands, An unfinished jar, I cannot see all Your plans, But You have brought me safely thus far. Mould me and shape me, Until You are pleased, In You I am trusting, Lord, You are my peace. O Lord, whose name is Jealous, A …

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Bring You Joy

Lord, please help me, To look at the unseen. To focus more on the eternal, And less on the temporal. We spend so much time looking With our physical eyes, But let’s do less of this, And focus more on our eternal prize. For though all Creation was moulded by …

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The Lifter of My Head

  Your faithfulness is unending, It does not pass, as the clouds scroll across the sky, It does not evaporate, as the dew upon the earth, Heaven and earth may pass away, But Your Word and Your faithfulness will never fade. You Lord, are too great for us to fully …

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Faithful God

God is Faithful

One thing is certain, Lord, You never change, Your will is perfect, and all things, You’ve arranged. Your faithfulness is unending, Therefore I will be faithful to You. You are worthy of all my trust, So all my trust, I place in You. Every promise You make You surely keep, …

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