Faithful God

God is Faithful

One thing is certain, Lord, You never change, Your will is perfect, and all things, You’ve arranged. Your faithfulness is unending, Therefore I will be faithful to You. You are worthy of all my trust, So all my trust, I place in You. Every promise You make You surely keep, …

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A Living Sacrifice

1 John 5 3

  A Living Sacrifice Jesus said to Peter, “Do you love Me? Feed my lambs.” Jesus says to every one of us, “Do you love Me? Keep My Commands.” Peter said, “You know that I love you.” but words just don’t suffice. We must be obedient, and give Him all …

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I Want Them to Know You

I Only Want Jesus

    Not my will, but Thine be done, It’s You I want to please, Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, How precious You are to me. You tell me to be of good cheer, For the world You have overcome, You tell me I have no need to fear, For …

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We Need Jesus

Other voices may tell me what they think I should do, But I know, I am convinced, What I really need is to trust and obey You. They may tell me to be happy I need material things, But all that’s so hollow compared to the joy that You bring. …

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Remind Us

O Lord, remind us what our priorities ought to be. Let us look at the world in the light of eternity. Let us proclaim what You did as You died on that tree, What You accomplished at Calvary. May we remember the victory that You won, When rising from the …

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My All is for Thee

No more marvellous thing could there be, Than the King of Glory who died for me, Who gave for me even His last breath, Who rose again and conquered death. How could it be that He loves me so? I could never deserve it, this I know, And yet He …

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Thank You, Lord


  Jesus, I could never on my own deserve Your mercy, I’m so grateful for Your love, Your goodness overwhelms me, And I love You because: Through all my days, both fair and hard, You are always there, You have brought me so far, I trust You, my God, I …

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