A Creature Brand New

All Things New

When I was in danger and afraid, and it seemed that all hope was lost, You alone sought out and found me, You alone were able to pay the cost. I didn’t deserve Your great mercy, You didn’t owe me a single thing, But still You loved and forgave me, …

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I'm Becoming More Like Christ

  When I was a kid, there was a show on the music channel called ‘Becoming.’ Each episode featured a person (or group of people) who had entered a contest and were chosen to ‘become’ their musical idol (or idols) for a day or two. So often the people that …

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Nothing But You, Jesus

Often we have looked to the wrong things, Seeking the satisfaction we think they will bring, But Jesus, I’ve learned my heart only sings, With joy, when it’s focus is You. Such folly is pride, lust of flesh and of eyes, O Lord cause us these carnal things to despise, …

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